Cr Manchester: Have your say on Murrumburrah Precinct Plan

Hilltops Council have just engaged a consultancy firm from Orange to put together a Precinct Plan for Murrumburrah.

The idea is to revamp Murrumburrah Precinct and make it more attractive to the significant passing tourism trade.

The plan will link Roberts Park area, Murrumboola Creek and the business area together, as well as the Light Horse Memorial, Museum and the proposed Bill the Bastard statue.

Sala4D the organisation engaged will be in town on the 30th and 31st May to hold a series of meetings and workshops to get public input into the plan.

I encourage all interested residents and businesses to get involved and have their say and input into this very important document, which could have a major impact on the future development of Historical Murrumburrah.

The Hilltops Council have allocated $1.1m of Stronger Communities grant funding towards this project, which I hope will transform Murrumburrah in the same way as the upgrade of Neil Street in Harden did a few years ago.

The Council is currently working on the Long Term Financial Plan for the Hilltops Region, which encompasses the 12-month Budget (Operational Plan), the Delivery Program, a four-year plan and the 10-year Community Strategic Plan. This is the first budget that Councillors will put together for Hilltops. The importance of this is that it sets the direction of Council over the next few years. How you start will impact on where you finish and all Councillors are committed to the future of the Hilltops Council and to turn it into a regional leader in NSW local government.

You will see significant changes to how the old Council’s of Harden, Boorowa and Young operated, but Hilltops is a new organisation and changes have to be made to make us financially sound for the future.

Cr Chris Manchester