May a big lungful | Lung Health Awareness Month

The month of May is Lung Health Awareness Month and staff at Mercy Care Centre Young are using it to make locals aware of its Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program.

The Mercy Care Centre in Young wants locals to use the Lung Foundation of Australia’s campaign to take stock of their lung health and seek a referral from their GP to join its eight week program that is run all year round, rain, hail or shine.

The program targets individuals with lung conditions and consists of both exercise as well as educational components.

“The aim of the program is to provide education on managing and living with lung disease, improving quality of life and improving exercise tolerance,” Mercy Care Centre Young registered nurse Danielle Gibbons said.

The program is coordinated by a registered nurse and physiotherapist who run the classes twice a week over eight week cycles. Patients will receive access to a multi-disciplinary team that includes dieticians, pharmacists, social workers, registered nurses, occupational therapists and physiotherapists as well as being able to be referred on to quit smoking and asthma management plans. Each program is set out to be client specific.

The education component of the program includes learning how to prevent lung infections, techniques on airway clearing, relaxation, stress management, knowledge of lung anatomy and function as well as understanding individual’s diagnosed condition.

The program is run at the Mercy Care Centre in a safe and monitored environment where staff assist and guide the use of equipment as well as answer any questions clients may have.

“It’s never too late to exercise or even to quit smoking,” physiotherapist Claire Fassoulidis said.

According to Ms Fassoulidis the group has reported an improved level of breathlessness, feel more confident and able after completing the course.

For more information speak to your GP or contact Mercy Care Centre on 63828444.