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Half the starring cast of Friends, the hit television show that epitomised 1990s style. Photo: Shutterstock
Half the starring cast of Friends, the hit television show that epitomised 1990s style. Photo: Shutterstock

Relive the best bits of the 1990s, with a collection of trends that are being rocked once again.

Elora polka dot mini dress, $84.95. Polka dots were popular in the 1990s, as were spaghetti straps. To properly replicate the era, wear a white T-shirt underneath. whitefoxboutique.com

CK ONE, from $69. Calvin Klein’s unisex fragrance was a timeless scent, reminiscent of double denim, Kate Moss and all things rebellious. myer.com.au

Destroy cropped jacket, $60. Think hip hop fashion and the Fugees Lauryn Hill and you’ll get the idea. supre.com.au

Black mini croc effect backpack, $48.95. A generation of girls went out on the town effectively wearing their handbags on their back, in the form of a mini backpack. missguidedau.com

Single peony stem, $9. Just like today, decorating the house with flowers and plants was encouraged. However back then they didn’t require water, just a dust every now and then. earlysettler.com.au

Faux leopard cap, $19.95. Wearing leopard print gave you instant street cred, whether it be covering a hat, a coat, or a slip dress. tkmaxx.com.au

Fila raw edge cropped hoodie, $39.95. The sportswear that was hip in the 1990s has returned. This version gives a nod to other other essential item of the decade, a toned midriff. factorie.com.au

No Slip Grip Octopus Clips (two-pack), $8.95. Back in the day the banana clip swept up long hair, while the modern version has morphed into an octopus. Available at Big W.

Liptensity lipstick in Double Fudge, $46. Brown lipstick has made a comeback, after being big on the beauty front two decades ago. maccosmetics.com.au

Rugged shadow check shirt, $34.95. Grunge music influenced not only a sound, but also a style, which is being embraced again by a new generation. cottonon.com

Rustic side table, $279.95. Classic country charm was a great decorating trend during the 1990s, as was wrought iron detailing. zanui.com.au

Sterling silver choker, $29. Leather and velvet chokers were a popular accessory that are once again making a comeback. thomassabo.com and leading jewellers nationally.

Piccolo & Grande sunglasses, $260. Cat eye sunglasses were an oft-worn style in the 1990s, small in size but big in personality. paredyeyewear.com

Sakura Temple, $55.99. Oriental designs and patterns heavily influenced decor during this time and remain a popular style. wallartprints.com.au

Veri Shades, from $304 (1.5m wide by 1.7m drop). Vertical blinds are back, however this time they’ve a more sophisticated finish. luxaflex.com.au