CWA celebrates Teddy bears galore | Photos

The Country Women’s Association Young branch held its Teddy Bears Picnic and Games afternoon on Saturday May 26 with the event proving very successful for the organisation.

Most people brought at least one teddy bear and some brought two or even three.

The oldest bear was 72-years-old owned by Marge Heath.

It was given to her by the physiotherapist when she was a patient at Camperdown Children's Hospital with polio.

The prize for the biggest teddy bear was won by Lyn Callaghan and the littlest teddy bear was won by Mary Whitechurch.

The small bear was a decoration on her 70th birthday cake.

The most loved teddy bear was won by Kath Judson. It was actually owned by her daughter and obviously was very much loved as it had lost most of its hair and both eyes.

We enjoyed playing Euchre and Hoi and after the games and teddy bear competition the Lucky Door prize was drawn and won again by Marge Heath.

Funds raised will go to ACWW (Association of Country Women of the World) to help women of the South Pacific begin small businesses and learning about keeping their children healthy by growing vegetables etc.