Super sevens tally is a tall total

Come and Support: Matches in tomorrow’s Super 7s competition are as follows all games at 1pm.
Come and Support: Matches in tomorrow’s Super 7s competition are as follows all games at 1pm.

After the Long Weekend break, hockey resumes with a new round of matches. The recap from the weekend shows the brand new Super 7s competition notching up its 100th goal with more to come tomorrow.

The Super 7s competition hit off last week with the usual enthusiasm. In the first game of the day the Perils came up against the Naturals. Goals for Hayley Gruber, Chloe Gruber, Kayla Gruber, and Ryan Laybutt. The Naturals fired up, ready for anything the Perils could throw at them. Courtney Foster, Declan Laybutt, and Campbell Cummins each came away with two goals each, while Michael Skillen, Jess Muir, and Jenny McKay contributed to the final tally for the Naturals. This brought about a Natural victory over the pesky Perils 9-4.

On the other field the Rams were trying their best against the Top Dogs. They say that every dog has his day, and last Saturday was it, with the Dogs coming out on top 7-5.

The fourth round of the Winter competition saw the Redbacks come up against the Blues. With many of the younger players on the Blues already warmed up from playing the Super 7s competition earlier, they burst straight into action. For all their plucky youthfulness, the Redbacks were able to show the Blues a thing or two. Geoff Palmer was the first to make his mark on the scorecard, beginning the tidal wave of goals for the Redbacks. Emily Calvert followed his lead not long later. Mark Brooker was the only player to go home with two goals to his name. The final numbers to 6-1 in favour of the Redbacks.

The final game for the day, which was to be between the Penguins and DTS was instead played as a friendly game just to have a bit of a hit around as DTS were forced to forfeit. Those present opted to have a run anyway as they were keen and ready. When you look at the fact that the team that had the bye this week still showed up to play a little game of their own on the empty field while the rest of the competition was playing out, it is evident the members of Young Hockey truly love the game. One must admire their dedication and love for the sport. You just can’t stop those guys from playing hockey!

Matches in tomorrow’s Super 7s competition are as follows all games at 1pm.

  • Ground 2 – Top Dogs versus Naturals
  • Ground 3 – Vipers versus Rams
  • Ground 4 – Perils versus Bears

Winter Comp matches follow

  • Ground 1 2pm – Penguins versus Blues (Umpires Red Backs and Badgers / Canteen Badgers)
  • Ground 1 3:15pm – Red Backs versus Badgers (Umpires Blues and Penguins / Canteen Blues)