Unbeaten under 16s finals bound

The under 16 Young Cherrypickers are flying high in 2018, sitting pretty undefeated on top of the ladder.

Coach Kyle Richens said the key to the Cherrypickers’ success this season comes down to a great mixture of talent and a tight bunch of boys that seem to be having fun and enjoying footy.

“The team can go all the way, and we showed that when we played the other top teams, we just need to keep calm and not get too far ahead of our selves. 

I’m really enjoying my first year of coaching, and it’s made a lot easier with the help of Will Scott.

“With all the talent in the team it’s all positive’s for the club I reckon, there are a lot of the boys who will debut for first grade in the coming years with a couple as soon as next year if they keep developing well.” 

Captain Ben Baker said work ethic was a significant factor in the team’s 2018 success.

The work ethic in training has been outstanding, and we’ve learnt many new things from the new coaches,” he said.

“Everyone is a lot more confident and hardworking this year. 

“We can play in the finals this year, coming all this way undefeated is a real confidence booster for a side. I think our club has a lot of potential for years to come.”

Fullback Nick Jenkins said the coaching team had improved the side.

“I think that the reason we are playing so well this season is due to our team coaches. With Scotty and Richo all of the boys really switch on because we know that if we listen and do what they tell us it will impact our game heavily and as shown we can put what they coach us into the game,” he said.

“Since last season a few of the boys have played rep footy, and even the ones who haven’t have really stepped up and put in their best effort to keep our team strong. As we are now in seniors, everyone has grown up that bit more to make the huge differences. If we can get out there and go hard from start to finish then we can easily make finals.” 

Lock Harry Fitzpatrick said the team had bonded well this season.

”We have bonding more as a team this season, and we are a good chance of making the grand final,” he said.

“The boys have been playing together for a few years now, and hopefully we can stick together for many more.”