Council chemical clean up Young

Mayor Brian Ingram.

Mayor Brian Ingram.

Hilltops Council are once again holding its annual household chemical clean out.

“Thanks to the support of the EPA, Hilltops Council will be hosting a free CleanOut event in Harden, Boorowa and Young this month,” Mayor Brian Ingram said.

“The CleanOut is an important opportunity for our communities to be able to dispose of hazardous household chemicals safely”.

Mr Ingram believes now is the time to take advantage of the free service to clean out and get rid of problem waste such as old household and garden chemicals, pool chemicals, gas bottles and paint.

The events will be held in Young on Saturday July 21 at the Victoria Street Waste Management Facility.

Chemicals which will be accepted: solvents and household cleaners, floor care products, ammonia based cleaners, pesticides and herbicides, poisons, pool chemicals, hobby chemicals, acids and alkalis, motor fuels, fluorescent globes and tubes, smoke detectors, paint and paint related products, gas bottles, fire extinguishers, car and household batteries.