Cambodia is calling Hennessy students | Photos

The Hennessy Catholic College yearly immersion trip to Cambodia has had 28 students set off for the Asian country where they will help many families. 

A group of 28 dedicated Year 11 Hennessy Catholic College students and four staff members flew out of Sydney airport last Friday morning to embark on an nine day Immersion program based in Cambodia. 

This has been an annual program run at Hennessy for the past four years.

The students have spent the past eight months fundraising so as to purchase building materials so that they can assist in the construction of two new homes for the local families pictured. 

The building phase of the program runs for the first three days of the tour at Siem Reap.

During these three days the students assist in all areas of construction but also manage to spend time getting to know the local children, playing games and giving them small gifts they have brought from home.  

The students then travel to Phnom Penh via the Spider Village where they are able to sample local delicacies like fried spider, scorpion and cockroach.

During their stay in Phnom Penh students will visit the infamous Tuol Sleng Prison and the "Killing Fields". 

Ankor Wat Temple, cruise down the Mekong River visit local temples and the royal palace and partake in some shopping and Phnom Penhs famous central and Russian markets.

The students final day will be spent playing and helping with the orphaned children and the sisters of Mercy's mission, before heading to the airport and home.

Hennessy would like to thank the communities of Young, Harden, Boorowa, Cootamundra and Grenfell and also Mitre 10 Young for their continual support of this program.

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The Young Witness will also be doing weekly updates on what the students are up to.