Yabbies nipped by Goulburn

The Yabbies took to Cranfield on Saturday to face the top of the table Goulburn team.

A cloudy day with few showers laid the platform for the Yabbies and about 10 mins in the freezing winds, small hail and rain were the least of their troubles.

A few unlucky high tackles led to Yabbieman Ned being sent for a small break after getting a tasty slice of Bega cheese from the ref’s pocket.

Persistence from the Goulburn team paid off and just before the sin binned Yabbie could return to the field Goulburn went in. Goulburn unsuccessful at their conversion the Yabbiemen regrouped.

Fully equipped like a plumber on his first day, the Yabbies went full noise, all 15 men grinding up the field in the mud.

Ruck after ruck, run after run the Yabbies forwards and backs pushed to the opposition’s try line where James Schiller managed to slip past their defence scoring the equalizer.

Much to his luck Jonathan Thurston had come to watch his favourite rugby team, the Yabbies, and with a quick wink, held up a banana to Kent.

Pointing the ball about 20m to the right of the post and with no real technique Kent gave it some biccy, the wind bent it right over the middle of the posts. 

In the second half there was no relief from the weather.

The rain and wind made conditions very hard for the Yabbies who struggled to get the ball to their outside backs.

Goulburn managed to get a penalty about 30m out and slot a goal over to give them an 8-7 lead. 

Solid runs from Angus Crawford allowed the Yabbies to make good ground.

Defence from Jake Chandler and Ed Brand, both first timers at flankers proved highly valuable on the day not letting up a metre to the other team.

Unfortunately the Yabbies caught off guard on a scrum were outnumbered and the Goulburn team ran another try in.

Final score 13-7.

“We were unlucky,” coach Ned said. 

“The weather man won’t be on the Christmas card list this year for Saturday’s forecast, I believe it was anyone’s game, the ball was hard to hang onto and we had the opportunities, but a few penalties really pushed us back and it’s just the way the cookie crumbles on the day.”

The Yabbies travel to Canberra this Saturday to take on Queanbeyan.

Upcoming Events: On July 21 the Yabbies will be holding its sponsors day. The Yabbies would like to invite all our sponsors to join us to watch the Yabbies second grade take on the Mighty Ducks (old boys team) and then 3pm the Yabbies first grade take on Gungahlin.

NIP NIP: The Yabbies were just beaten out by a stronger Goulburn side on the weekend.

NIP NIP: The Yabbies were just beaten out by a stronger Goulburn side on the weekend.