Chilly temps predicted for the week

The early morning fog and frosts are expected to continue over the next week with the temperature expected to drop over the weekend.

Residents in Young may have been feeling a little fresh when venturing outside in the mornings, however the -3 degrees Celsius will probably feel balmy compared to the -5 degrees Celsius the Bureau of Meteorology has predicted for Saturday and Monday mornings.

According to the weather forecast on the Bureau of Meteorology website Young can expect a low on Saturday of -5 degrees Celsius yet as cold as that may seem it still isn’t expected to break the record for coldest July day which was set on July 2, 2017 when the mercury dipped to -7 degrees Celsius.

Before the weather equipment moved out to the airport in October 1991 the previous record had been -6.1 degrees Celsius on July 11, 1971.

All those green thumbs out there are being warned to make sure their frost intolerant plants are covered up or moved to where they are protected.

Animal lovers around the region are being asked by the RSPCA to ensure that animals have plenty of water in bowls and troughs the night before to prevent animals from not having access to water when the taps and pipes will be frozen on Saturday morning.

The RSPCA is also asking those who own animals, especially dogs, cats and horses, are able to find a protective, warm area where they can stay warm without using too much extra energy.

As cold as the minimum temperatures are going to be the maximum temperatures aren’t expected to be much better with the Bureau of Meteorology forecasting 14 degrees Celsius as the top temperature for the week on Sunday.

Which is a far way off the 19.9 degrees Celsius that currently holds the record for warmest July day on July 23, 2003.

Only 13 days in to July and Young has received 6.2mm of rain according to the Bureau, with 3.8mm of that falling across the region last Sunday but is still well short of the monthly average of 59.7mm.

The average temperatures for Young in July according to the Bureau of Meteorology are normally between 1 degree Celsius and 13 degrees Celsius so the cold weather may come as a shock to some locals and those visiting for the school holidays. 

Check the Young Witness next week to see if Young hit the predicted -5 degrees Celsius.