Art talent on display at exhibition by High School students | Photos

More than 30 art students from Young High School have enjoyed the experience of having their work on display in a public gallery.

The Young Society of Artists and Young High School organised the exhibition called Aspire – a collection of works by Young High School students – to give budding art enthusiasts an opportunity to “highlight their talent”.

This is the first time Young High School students have been given the opportunity to showcase their work in a public space, something Head Teacher of art Rita Karaminas thinks it’s important.

“If you like drawing, ceramics or photography you need to put your work out there,” she said.

“When it’s in a gallery, framed and on exhibit you realise how important the arts are.

“Especially in country towns where there isn’t as much opportunity as there is in Newcastle or Sydney. 

“It’s been a great opportunity for the young people to highlight their talent.”

A range of media was used by the students including painting, drawing, ceramics and photography.

The exhibition has been on display seven days a week since June 30 at the Burrangong Gallery and ends this Saturday, August 11.

Due to its success Ms Karaminas said it’s something the school will be looking to repeat each year.

She said the students and parents had stated that they were blown away by the sheer artwork being produced by the Young High School students.

“Some have said it’s great for their portfolio especially ones thinking of going to university or art school and looking to progress in visual arts.

“It’s something we look forward to doing every year now.”

The name of the exhibition, Aspire, was thought of by Ms Karaminas as she wants them to aspire, dream and succeed.

She thanked Young Society of Artists and Heather Ruhl for providing the students with the opportunity.

The participating students ranged from Year 7 to Year 12 and all have a key interest in visual arts, Ms Karaminas said.

Art teachers Stacey Holmes and Aaron Ellis also supported the young artists.