Building project begins at St Mary’s

The project starts with the construction of a new learning support room
The project starts with the construction of a new learning support room

St Mary’s Primary School’s long-awaited building project has begun.

The project starts with the construction of a new learning support room under the current Year two classes.

This room has been specifically designed to accommodate the school’s wonderful learning support team and the modern support programs that students engage in.

This is the first stage of the project. Once this is built, the redevelopment of the four classrooms that are currently used by learning support and the Year one classes begins.

Again these classrooms have been designed as modern teaching and learning spaces and will be extended to increase their size. The canteen will undergo a make over as well.

This will provide a modern canteen and the ability for class teachers to use the space for lessons that involve cooking.

During this project, the playground will also be improved. Final plans are not fully developed yet, but will include some extra green space and the installation of play equipment.

“I know the community has been waiting for this improvement for a while, but your patience will be rewarded before the beginning of next year,” Acting Principal Mr Mark Birks said.

Both the projects were initiated by former principal Louise Grant and incorporates the previously advertised NSW Block Grant of $678 000, a sizeable contribution in excess of $500 000 from Catholic Education of Canberra and Goulburn, a contribution from the school and a contribution from the St Mary’s Community Council from fundraising to rebuild the play equipment.

“All these projects will have a significant impact on the classroom, playground and whole school environment from the beginning of 2019 and we look forward to using them to their fullest potential,” Mr Birks said.

Pre school visits

At the end of last term, St Mary’s Primary School’s Year six students visited many of the pre schools in Young.

“The students had a great time reading to the pre school students and playing with the students in their play areas. We continue our wonderful relationship with the pre schools in Young and they really enjoyed the visit from our Year six students,” Mr Birks said.

Over the next few weeks the school will have a couple of the pre Schools visit St Mary’s as a prelude to the 2019 kindergarten orientation program.

“We welcome the pre schools who visit us,” Mr Birks said.