Young Bridge Club

She's Game: Joyce Meale at the Bridge table.

She's Game: Joyce Meale at the Bridge table.

Twelve for this week’s game of BB Howell movement.

In first place with a great score of 68.00 per cent were Mark Hawker and David Murray, with Heather Worner and Jane Wallace in second place with 60.00 per cent.

Third placing went to Frank Davidson and Jenny McAinsh on 57.00 per cent and fourth were Penny and Sean Sampson followed by Kathy Rolfe and Val Robinson in fifth place and the final position went to Joyce Meale and Gwen Williams.

Since the 1930s, Bridge has been one of the most popular card games in the world.

Bridge is by far the greatest card game of all, and it can provide immense challenge and enjoyment for the rest of your life.

The game of bridge has two main parts: the Bidding (also called the Auction) and the Play. You should learn the play first because it will give you a better sense of what the bidding means. In fact, learning the bidding first is a mistake.