Thief stole from employer, sentenced to prison

A Cootamundra man was convicted and sentenced to 12 months in prison in Young Local Court on Tuesday when he faced charges of breaking and entering and stealing.

According to the police facts submitted to the court Robert Allan Bradstock, 21, had been working part-time for the victim for two months before he broke into a Meagher Place residence.

Previously Bradstock had lived a few doors down from the residence and was provided with a cupboard in which he was permitted to store his personal items.

Bradstock had also been inside the victim’s home on several occasions during his employment.

On Friday June 8 the victim left the residence to visit relatives for the long weekend. 

Upon returning returning on Saturday the victim noticed inconsistencies around the household such as several collectable bottles of alcohol were no longer where they had been.

On Wednesday June 13 the victim’s neighbours asked if they were missing any jewellery. The victim wasn’t sure and was asked to check.

It was then revealed that money was missing. The only person who knew where the money had been kept were the victim, her partner and Bradstock as days earlier the victim loaned Bradstock money.

The victim also noticed certain items of jewellery were missing. The victim was asked if a phone was also missing, which the victim was unsure of. A short time later her next door neighbour returned with an iPhone 5s which belonged to the victim and depicted a photo of children on the lock screen. It was clearly identified as belonging to the victim.

The neighbours located the property in a cupboard inside their residence, a cupboard that was solely used by Bradstock.

It was discovered by police that Bradstock had stolen a white iPhone 5s, earrings, a pendant and necklace, bracelet, ring, a bottle of 1961 Bundaberg rum, 2016 Cowboys premiership bottle of Bundaberg rum, Bundaberg master distillers port barrel aged, money, shaving cream, electric razor, deodorant and other items.