Sky Trails program encourages Young residents to keep an eye on the skies

Young residents are invited to turn their eyes to the skies with Sky Trails program coming to Young High School on Monday September 10 from 5pm.

All are welcome to come along and learn about the Emu in the Sky, find the three fishermen in Orion’s Belt and learn about ancient astronomical instruments that were used to guide travellers as they traversed seas and continents.  

The presenters for the science hub’s 2018 science hub program, Burrung Murruway | Sky Trails | Masarat Alsama includes Ms Kirsten Banks, physicist and Masters student in astrophysics at the University of NSW and Wiradjuri woman, Dr. Sam Bowker, Lecturer in Art History and Medieval Sciences Islamic scholar at Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga and artists Khaled Sabsabi and Peter Swain a Wiradjuri man.

The artists will talk about their inspiration from astronomy gathered from Aboriginal and Arabic perspectives shared in stories, cultural myths and traditions to develop artworks which draw on this knowledge.

The format of the evening lecture series will incorporate a relaxed atmosphere with the scientists and artists speaking about scientific practice, cultural influences and creative practice. The presentations will cover western, Indigenous and Islamic approaches to astronomy.

This free event is open to the community and anyone with an interest in art and astronomy are invited to attend, with no bookings required.  

A free interactive activity at the event enables children and young people to make a glow lamp using recycled materials including jars, card and light creating patterns associated with the night sky and constellations found in the southern hemisphere. 

Susan Conroy, Executive Director at Southern Tablelands Arts is delighted at the support and engagement that they have received from Young High School in the presentation of the program.

“Rita Karaminis, Head Teacher Oxley Years 7, 9, 11 has really helped make this happen in the Hilltops region,” she said.

YHS Principal Keith Duran is intrigued by study of the stars. 

“On behalf of the school I am thrilled to host such an event that embraces culture and the sciences”. Mr Duran said.

The Sky Trails program will also be a special opportunity for the parents and other family members to admire the student’s work.