Emily Calvert, Young School of Music, ended her performance with a classical piece

Music lovers filled Young Library last Friday to enjoy a Take 5 for Friday performance by Young Regional School of Music tutor Emily Calvert. 

Emily Calvert chooses to perform at the library in her spare time and Young Library Administrator Wendy Bauer is passionate about their Friday performances.

“It’s a program that was introduced here by the team at the Young Library under Jenice Otte, who is our manager,” Wendy said. 

“It began last year on July 7, we’ve had tremendous support from our audience and from very talented people in the community.”

Ms Bauer said the library is hoping to continue Take 5 for Friday sessions, thanks to the help of talented volunteers. 

“It really blesses people, music is really important, it engages people’s hearts and I think it’s something important,” she said. 

“It doesn’t cost anything and we don’t pay anyone. It’s just something that’s just come out of people’s hearts.” 

The sessions are free to the general public every Friday at the Young public library. 

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