Young is more than ready to meet the new showgirls of 2018

Cassie Boland, Emma Godsell and Emme Williams are all in the running to be crowned Young Showgirl 2018.
Cassie Boland, Emma Godsell and Emme Williams are all in the running to be crowned Young Showgirl 2018.

Three women have put their hands up this year to be in the running for the 2018 Young Showgirl crown. 

Cassie Boland, Emma Godsell and Emme Williams will be competing for the title at the 146th Young Annual Show on Sunday, September 16. 

Learn a little bit more about the girls below:

Cassie Boland

Age: 18

What do you do: I am a Year 12 student at Young High School, with part time jobs at Wilders Bakery and Young Vet Clinic. 

Why entered: I have lived in Young all my life, so seeing the community thrive is an important quality of a strong town, which the Show is a fantastic example. 

Also, being part of the show committee, I would like to encourage other young women to participate in the showgirl and contribute to their show in the future.

Emma Godsell

Age: 19

What do you do: 3rd Year Apprentice in Metal Fabrication Trade at Allied Grain Systems

Why entered: I decided to do show girl for something a bit different - a new experience. 

Emme Williams

Age: 20

What do you do: Currently I am in my second year studying Veterinary Science at Charles Sturt University.

On completion of my degree, I wish to work in rural Australia with a focus on large animals and livestock.

Over the summer I rouseabout in the shearing shed, help with harvest and teach swimming lessons. 

Why entered: I believe it’s a fantastic way to showcase women in the county who have a real passion for rural Australia. Coming from a property myself I believe it is important to encourage young women to challenge the norm and work within areas of agriculture. 

I decided to enter the competition because it will allow me to help educate and and bring awareness to the challenges affecting rural areas, alongside expanding my professional skills such as public speaking and networking. 

Make sure you don’t miss out on this year’s incredible line up. Gates open from 8am. 

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