Surprise grant a boost for upcoming multicultural fiesta

Member for Cootamundra, Steph Cooke and Minister for Multiculturalism, Ray Williams handed over a $1000 grant to the Young and District Multicultural Association Club on Tuesday, September 11. 

The members of the Young and District Multicultural Association Club are excited for the grant as the money will help give opportunity to deliver an even better fiesta this year in early December.

At the funding announcement at the Young Town Hall, Minister Williams spoke about the origin of multicultural festivals and what they stand for in today’s community.

“There was a small group of people who wanted to put on a cultural festival and 10 years ago they started this conversation with the Tamworth Council,” Minister Williams said.

“They tried for years and years before they actually got the fiesta up and running, and the last comment was always: who are you going to bring to our town? And they said, our community. Now when you see this fiesta and you see this incredible diversity of people from African nations, from the Philippines, from Indian backgrounds, from German and Russian.

“It was just this broad ecliptic mix of people that you probably don’t notice when their spread out across a large rural area, but when you bring them together for a festival, it’s incredible.” Minister Williams said.

Young Multicultural Fiesta is set for December this year where people of all nations are able to come together to celebrate the diversity within our community. 

It’s an opportunity for residents of Young to explore different cultural cuisines and to share knowledge of different cultural backgrounds and celebrate as a united equal.

President of the Young and District Multicultural Association Josie Johnson was thrilled at the news of the grant.

She said can’t wait to bolster this year’s Fiesta, as well as other projects.

“What a fantastic day for Young and District Multicultural Association having Multicultural Minister Ray Williams and MP for Cootamundra Electorate Stephanie Cooke attending our meeting,” Ms Johnson said.

“Thank you very much for this $1000 which will go to further our Arts and Ethnic Cuisine Project and Fiesta at the Park.”

Josie and the rest of the Young and District Multicultural Association are now more excited than ever for this year’s fiesta and their many other projects including the up and coming Ethnic Cuisine Project. 

The association was aware of member for Cootamundra Steph Cook and Minister Williams visiting their monthly meeting, but were surprised by his generosity in gifting them a grant.