A new mural for the dental clinic thanks to Hospital Auxiliary

Thanks to the Young Hospital Auxiliary, patients at the Young Health Services Dental Clinic will be in for a lovely surprise with the new mural to grace the ceiling.

The Young Hospital Auxiliary paid for the mural to be painted on the ceiling recently.

“It’s a detailed, colourful under-water scene, painted to look as if you were viewing it through a port-hole,” Auxiliary president Janice Ward said.

“It will be something for all dental therapist Dot’s little patients to enjoy, and it will certainly act as a distraction from what can at times be a scary experience.”

According to Mrs Ward the mural not only provides a peaceful visual escape but Dot can also get the children to look for and count lots of different little things while they are being treated.

“Dental Clinic staff requested the mural to replace stickers which do not last very long and look unsightly when they start to peel, often making the paint peel as well,” Mrs Ward said.

“The painted ceiling mural should last for many years to come.”

Mrs Ward said the Auxiliary was very grateful that Sharon Fensom created such a lovely mural.

She also acknowledged that Sharon gave a reduction in price, which enables the Auxiliary to have more money to spend on other items needed at the Hospital.