Bowlers enjoy experience at state championships at Taren Point

Margo Parker lets her bowl go at Taren Point in Sydney.
Margo Parker lets her bowl go at Taren Point in Sydney.

State championships

A team of four from Young Women’s Bowling Club, Therese Ruhl, Mary Bennett, Kate Cooper and Margo Parker, travelled to Taren Point in Sydney after winning through to the state championships.

On Friday last week they played a team from Taren Point for an exciting game.

Young went ahead in the early part of the game then Taren point drew level and finally went ahead and won by 11 points.

All four bowlers said it was a fantastic experience.

Remembering Madge Styles

A number of members of the Young Bowling Club and Young Women’s Bowling Club paid their  respects to Madge Styles and joined family members at a service at St John’s followed by a gathering at the Young Bowling Club.

Madge is well remembered for her help and friendship as a long time member Young Women’s Bowling Club.

State championships singles

Elsie Hines from Young won through to the state finals of the singles championships.

Club triples championships

The first round of the club triples was played on Tuesday.

Elsie Hines, Therese Ruhl and Kate Cooper played Robyn Tierney, Sheila Traynor and Margo Parker for an exciting game.

Kate’s team won and will play a team who had a bye. The second round is next Tuesday.

Dates to remember

It was decided at the September meeting to cancel the planned Versatility Day on September 19.

  • Tuesday, September 18: Entries open club fours championships/Young women’s social bowls/club triples championships
  • Thursday, September 20: Women’s social bowls/club triples championships TBA
  • Tuesday, September 25: Women’s social bowls/club triples championships TBA
  • Wednesday, September 26: Cootamundra Country Club Wattle time mixed pairs
  • Thursday, September 27: Young women’s social bowls/Cootamundra Country Club Wattle time mixed pairs