Roof ripped off home as wind wreaks havoc in Young | Photos

Unexpected strong wind caused a destruction of damage across Young and surrounding areas on Wednesday including a roof being torn from a residential house in Charles Crescent about 9pm.

Wind speed reached a high of 69km/hr at 5.30pm according to the Bureau of Meterology. At 9pm, gusts were reaching 63km/hr.

Young SES Unit Controller Chris Duffey said they received a number of call outs for assistance.

“We worked on the roof until 3am in the morning. Before that we had two call outs to Koorawatha,” Mr Duffey said.

“We stopped four times between Young and Koorawatha to pull trees off the roads as well.”

The SES was unable to give out warning prior as the wind came sudden and unexpected, Mr Duffey said.

“The winds came out of know where, very fast and very strong,” he said.

“There were lots of trees which had fallen down, lots of branches.”

Call outs to the SES began about 4pm, again at 6.13pm and then at 9pm.

The wind had been expected to continue through Thursday at a much less severe force of about 30km/hr.

“We’re ready to do it all again on Thursday if it presents itself similar to last night,” Mr Duffey said on the Thursday morning.

The Young Unit Controller advises residents to ensure that they tie down garden furniture and trampolines in this situation as these items seem to be the leading culprits in destruction caused by wind.

“In terms of roofs, there isn’t much you can do to prevent them from blowing off,” Mr Duffey said

“But if you have trampolines, garden furniture or inflatable pools, those things should definitely be tied down during wind storms.

“Wind is unpredictable, you don’t really know what it is going to destroy or how much damage it will cause, that’s why it is important to be ready,” he added.

Tree branches close to homes should be trimmed away from the house to prevent damage as well. 

Residents should avoid tree if they are outside during a wind storm, but ideally you should avoid being outside altogether.