Last dressage 2018 competition | photos

Young Dressage Association held its final and largest competition for 2018 on Sunday.

A total of 80 riders and 90 horses competed over 200 tests on the day with plenty of local riders who had very successful rides in the arena.


4yo young horse qualifier: 1st Anwen Lovett/Brierley Nysa, 2nd Linda Krogh/Fame.

5yo young horse: 1st Anwen Lovett/Brierley Super Nova, 2nd Kay Spence/Penmain Nightingale. 

6yo young pony: 1st Anne Riley/SLH Don Philipp. 

Grand Prix: 1st Sarah Farraway - Arawn, 2nd Megan Bryant – Mr Jackson. 

Inter II: 1st Sarah Farraway – Arwn, 2nd Megan Bryan – Mr Jackson. 

Inter I: 1st Sarah Farraway – MW Rotsong, 2nd Katharine Dennis – Cavaliere Zippo. 

Prix St George: 1st Megan Bryant – Furst Dance. 2nd Sarah Farraway – MW Rotsong, 3rd Katherine Dennis – Cavaliere Zippo. 

Official Advanced 5.1: 1st Jane Radburn – Revelwood Rosalie, 2nd Nicole Dunbier – Greenwood Steal the Show. 

Official Advanced 5.2: 1st Megan Bryant – Furst Dance, 2nd Jane Radburn – Revelwood Rosalie.

OC Medium 4.2: 1st Megan McEachern – GV Ryans Rave, 2nd Sue Walker – Fendi R.

OC Medium 4.1: 1st Megan McEachern – GV Ryans Rave, 2nd Sue Walker – Fendi R.

Official Elementary 3.2: 1st Anne Riley – SLH Don Philipp, 2nd Sally Roberts-Jones – Cayuse Mighty Hit.

Official Elementary 3.1: 1st Deborah Dixon – Mountain Creek Valia, 2nd Jane Pringle – Welts Brego.

Official Novice 2.3: 1st Anwen Lovett – Brierely Super Nova, 2nd Deborah Dixon – Mountain Creek Valia.

Official Novice 2.3: 1st Zoe Fieldhouse – Coffin Bay Phoenix, 2nd Janice Naissen – Arnage Fantasy.

Official Novice 2.2: 1st Simone Hope – Celadon Exclusive, 2nd Sally Walker – Woolaroo Donnerschwartz.

Official Pony Novice 2.2: 1st Kaye Spence – Penmain Nightingale, 2nd Rianna Reeves – Grenwood Lulu. 

CU 2.1: 1st Tamara Pearce – Alliance, 2nd Megan Bryant – Kentucky MBE.

Official Preliminary 1.2: 1st Anwen Lovett – Brierley Nysa, 2nd Linda Krogh – Fame.

Official Pony Preliminary 1.2: 1st Natasha Larsen – Peppertree Golden Starlight, 2nd Charlotte Richardson – Vancouver Park Royal Rum.

Young Rider Novice 2.1: 1st Charlotte Richardson – Vancouver Park Flying Colours, 2nd Georgia Corbett – Engleston Rustic Oak.

CU Rider Limited Preliminary 1.3: 1st Nicola Smith – Sugargum Blossom, 2nd Sue Hardwick – Kylandee Cogniac.

CU Preliminary 1.1: 1st Sharon McCarthy – Tarburra Whisper, 2nd Michelle Cullen – Tarlo Park Barbarella.

Young Rider Preliminary 1.1: 1st Charlotte Richardson – Vancouver Park Flying Colours, 2nd Georgia Corbett – Engleston Rustic Oak.

Junior Preliminary 1.1: 1st Emily Van der Struik – Rivington Blissful, 2nd Victoria Wythes – Bandalene Truman.

Closed Unrestricted Preparatory E: 1st Amber Avis – Southern Girl Shine, 2nd Kylie Reeves – Ennovyar Deep Mystery.

Young Rider Preparatory A: 1st Audrey Pearce – Woronora Parade, 2nd Emily Van der Struik – Rivington Blissful.