Magistrate O'Brien: "None of us would be safe"

‘None of us would be safe’: court hears offender has no control

Glen Allan Strong escaped conviction but was handed a 12 month conditional release order in Young Local Court for a fight in Lynch Street, Young back in June.

The 48 year old man from Young appeared before Magistrate Michael O’Brien in Young Local Court changing his plea from not guilty to a plea of guilty. 

The matter had been set down for hearing early in 2019, however Mr Strong changed his plea resulting in the matter appearing for sentencing.

Magistrate O’Brien said Mr Strong had taken it upon himself to head off perceived problems and he certainly did not believe it was the correct way for Mr Strong to behave and model himself in front of young children.

“You have no control over what other people do, but you do have control over what you can do,” Magistrate O’Brien said in court.

“If we were all permitted to take matters into our own hands none of us would be safe walking the streets.”

Magistrate O’Brien said Mr Strong was a person who is highly regarded by his peers and took provided references into consideration before Mr Strong escaped conviction.

According to the agreed upon facts provided to the court Mr Strong and a co-accused had been known to each other for around 30 years and despite never getting along their previous encounters had never been physical.

Mr Strong was charged with affray after an incident with a co-accused on June 6, 2018.

Grenfell man fails random drug test

Shane Anthony Parsons of Grenfell was handed a 12 month conditional release order, disqualified from driving for 6 months and sentenced to 12 months supervision by community corrections after he failed a random drug test.

According to the police facts submitted to the court the 42 year old was stopped by police along Boorowa Street in Young on the afternoon of July 5 to conduct a random breath test and drug test.

Mr Parsons passed the random breath test, however failed the oral drug test which showed a positive result for Methamphetamine.

Mr Parsons was arrested and taken to Young Police Station for the purpose of secondary testing, which also showed a positive result for Methamphetamine.

The remainder of the secondary sample which was sent to police forensics returned a positive result to methamphetamine and cannabis.