Your chance for fame and glory

Photo: Rachael Lenehan Photography
Photo: Rachael Lenehan Photography

There are a wealth of events, performances and competitions to get involved in at the National Cherry Festival, however if there was something special that you should definitely put on your list, they would have to be the Cherry Pie Eating Competition and the Cherry Pip Spit Competition.

If it’s too late to enter the photo competition and busking is a bit out of your talent range, then these much loved and well supported events could be for you. 

The Cherry Pie Eating Competition is organised and sponsored by Wilders Bakery who also supply the delicious pies for the event. There are three categories available to enter – Men’s, Women’s and Juniors, with men having to devour two pies, while women and juniors have to eat one. 

It is a great event to watch often with standing room only and the rules for this crowd pleaser are simple, whoever finishes first and has an empty mouth, takes the title. With prize money on offer for each section, the Cherry Pie Eating Competition will take place on Saturday, December 1 in Anderson Park. Registrations open at 2.00pm, with the main event starting at 2.30pm.

For those who don't think they could consume an entire pie, then the Cherry Pip Spit Competition may be more up your alley. Sponsored by local orchard Valley Fresh, it also has Men’s, Women’s and Junior categories to enter, with the goal of eating a cherry and seeing who can spit the seed the furthest.

There will be trophies and prize money up for grabs, but more importantly twelve months of non-stop bragging rights, so for something fun and a bit different head down to the Cherry Pip Spit Competition in Anderson Park on Sunday December 2. Registrations are at 10.30am with the competition kicking off at 11.00am sharp.