Amelia Everdell crowned 2018 Cherry Queen and Charity Queen

Amelia Everdell took out the 2018 Cherry and Charity Queen titles this year which was said to be well deserved.

Hilltops Council Tourism and Events Manager Mel Ford said both Amelia Everdell and Cherry Princess Clare Grantham did a great job all around.

“They’re both very, very deserved titles,” Mel said.

“They’ve both done such an amazing job in promoting the event, in raising money for their charity and their attitudes have been delightful.”

Amelia Everdell feels blessed to have received such incredible titles and having been given such an incredible opportunity and journey she will no doubt never forget. “I’m so proud to say that I am this years Charity Queen and Cherry Queen,” Amelia said.

“It’s been a tough couple of months with all of the organising and fundraising, but I can easily say that all of my hard work has paid off.”

Amelia Everdell is crowned 2018 Cherry Queen. Photo: Juliet Jones

Amelia Everdell is crowned 2018 Cherry Queen. Photo: Juliet Jones

The last couple of months has bought both entrants, Amelia and Clare close together and the pair bonded during their time spent together.

“Although I am this year’s Cherry Queen and Charity Queen, I am happy to congratulate Clare on being this year’s Cherry Princess,” Amelia said.

“She is a beautiful person who definitely deserves a title and the tiara certainly suits her.”

As Cherry Queen, Amelia will go to various community events in the Cherry Capital and the wider Hilltops region as an ambassador for the region.

Amelia will also have an opportunity to join the planning for next year’s Cherry Festival and will be highly involved in the lead up to the Cherry Festival’s 70th birthday in 2019.

Amelia would like to thank the support from her friends and family, local businesses, the general community, fellow entrant Clare Grantham and the Hilltops council.

“This journey is one I will never forget and one I am so thankful to have experienced,” Amelia said.

Amelia and Clare, Clare being our first ever announced Cherry princess, spent their weekend after the announcements helping to continue on with celebrations and offering their support to the community and to the organisers of the event.