Bowlers avoid the heat by introducing twilight competition

 Finalists from Scroungers, Julie Alavoine, Col Stockwell, Raz Porter and Margo Parker.
Finalists from Scroungers, Julie Alavoine, Col Stockwell, Raz Porter and Margo Parker.

Lawn bowlers in Young are back into the swing of things for the new year.


Doesn’t sound like lawn bowls does it but for this month, that’s exactly what the new game is called.

It is a twilight game, starting at 6.30pm when the worst of the heat is over and the lights are turned on.

Best time of the day to play.

It was started last Wednesday with a good crowd of more than twenty players turning out for a game, four to a rink and a very different way of scoring.

It was a lot of fun and everyone is welcome to come and join in.

Keep that New Year’s resolution

Well this is a new year and how many of you have made a resolution to get out and exercise.

You can go to a gym and do strenuous exercise but how long will that last.

A better way of exercising is playing a sport and bowls is the best exercise you can get.

You walk three to five kilometres playing a game, you bend and lift, lunge and bowl and your mind is active working out weight and distance.

Then there are the benefits of socialising, making friends, enjoying the outdoors (with necessary sun protection) and of course the great feeling that comes with a challenge.

Come and give it a go.

Sunday morning is the perfect time to start.

Young has an exceptional bowling club and everyone is welcome.

For all enquiries regarding any matters relating to bowls call 63821112.

Dates to remember

  • Sunday, January 12: Fisherman’s Club breakfast and bowls. Play starts 9.30am.
  • Tuesday, January 15: Young WBC social bowls. Summer start 9.30am.
  • Wednesday, January 16: Scroungers. Names in by 6 pm. Play starts 6.30pm
  • Thursday, January 17: Women’s social bowls.