Temporary roundabout, bypass to be built in Young

A temporary roundabout will be built and a number of traffic changes will come into effect in Young this week, as a two-lane bypass is constructed for motorists using Spring Creek Bridge. 

Hilltops Council has imposed a 10km/hr speed limit and reduced traffic to one way on Spring Creek Bridge.

These restrictions will be in place until the bypass is ready to be used in early February. 

The bypass will divert all traffic entering Young to Glensloy Street, then to Mackenzie Street through to Boorawa Street.

Hilltops Council is set to build a temporary roundabout at the intersection of Mackenzie Street and Boorowa Street to cater for expected increase traffic movement in the area.

Work on the roundabout is expected to begin this week and take two to three weeks to complete.

A number of other traffic changes will also occur.

  • A Stop sign will be erected on the south side of Mackenzie Street and Glensloy Street intersection;
  • A No Right Turn sign will be erected on Glensloy Street to prohibit the right turn out of Glensloy Street into Mackenzie Street;
  • Give Way signs will be erected on the Mackenzie Street Bridge to provide safer access for heavy vehicle using this bridge.

Further traffic signage changes will occur to prevent any heavy vehicle traffic using both Currawong Street and Miro Street as an alternative route to access Glensloy Street and Spring Creek Road.

These traffic changes will remain in place until a replacement Spring Creek Bridge has been constructed at the end of McVeigh Street to provide access to the Spring Creek industrial area.

A reduced advisory speed limit of 35km/hr will be in place on the approaches to the sidetrack and will be monitored by NSW Police.