New St Mary’s Principal recognises efforts of past faculty

New St Mary's Principal Andrew Casey.
New St Mary's Principal Andrew Casey.

Along with a fresh new year and a new string of Kindergarten students enrolled in the school, Young St Mary’s Catholic College has welcomed new Principal for 2019, Andrew Casey.

Mr Casey was previously Assistant Principal at St Raphael’s Catholic School in Cowra.

Feeling honored to have received the position within a rural Catholic Primary School, Mr Casey says that Young’s St Mary’s Catholic College plays an important role in the community.

He told the Young Witness he feels that he has a lot to offer the school as it’s new Principal.

“Catholic School’s provide a faith based option within the community,” Mr Casey said.

“The purpose of Catholic education is to educate students academically, which is the role of every school, but also spiritually, socially, emotionally and culturally.

“We do accept anyone, you don’t have to be Catholic and you don’t have to choose to partake in our catholic teachings.

“We also pride ourselves on having a strong partnership with the parents of our students so we can educate students at a high standard,” he said.

A large goal of Mr Casey’s for 2019 includes the refurbishment of classes for student in Years One and Two, and eventually the refurbishment of the entire school’s play ground.

Taking on the role Mr Casey noted the incredible foundation of the school and acknowledges the hard work of prior faculty members and principals who he said have made the school ultimately what it is today.

“I can’t wait to continue the excellent standard of education which St Mary’s offers to all students who come here,” Mr Casey said.

“However another area I guess that I would like to re-strengthen is our partnership within our community this year,” he added.

Although Thursday, January 31 was Mr Casey’s first official day at work in the role of principal with the entire school being back, he was a face of familiarity among the school community during visits to the school in December last year.

“I went to a St Mary’s performance in December last year and met a lot of the school’s community.

“The staff here are fantastic, the parents have been great and the kids, from what I have seen so far, are very settled and are terrific,” he said.

“From what I have heard, the level of opportunity that this school offers it’s students is fantastic, so I’m really excited to be here.

“One of the best things about a school though is that it isn’t the work of just one person, there’s a team of people here who work hard to make the school what it is,” Mr Casey said.