Car windows smashed and homes damaged

A Young man who smashed car and home windows walked from the Local Court last week without a conviction but was placed on a Conditional Release Order for 12 months.

The damage, caused by Robert John Packwood, 47, of Florence Street, was caused to property owned by his neighbours at a previous residence.

Magistrate Michael O’Brien, while not convicting Packwood, placed him on the release order. Release orders replaced good behaviour bonds last year.

According to police Packwood was involved in three incidents starting at 4.45am one September morning last year.

He was charged with common assault, stalking and destroying or damaging property following the incidents.

In the first instance, according to police, Packwood pushed over a neighbours garbage bins who, when they asked Packwood what he was doing, was told “I’m gong to kill you”.

Packwood also threw a coffee cup at the victim.

Police say he than walked across the street and began yelling obscenities at two women who were going for a morning run.

At a second victim’s property he picked up rocks and threw them through the rear and front windows of a vehicle in the driveway, smashing the windows.

He then picked up an ornamental turtle from the victim’s garden and has thrown it threw the front driver’s window causing it to shatter before then throwing rocks throw the front window of the victim’s home.

Police say Packwood then made his way to a third victim’s home where he broke a fly screen before putting a hose inside the hole and turning it on causing water to flood into a room.

His next act saw him pick up a large pot plant which he threw through a front window.

Police then arrived on the scene and the accused ran inside his home and locked the door.

During the incidents police say Packwood was yelling and screaming at the victims, making threats to harm them.