Young man was well intoxicated during offence

Kevin John Clarke was well intoxicated when he acted offensively and used offensive language in a public place leading to him facing charges in the Young Local Court on February 5.

Clarke, 41, of Nasmyth Street, represented himself when he appeared for the matters which involved an altercation with police.

“You appear to have been really intoxicated,” Magistrate Michael O’Brien said to Clarke who replied he was “very disgusted” when he read the police facts presented to the court.

“I am 41-years-old and should have more sense,” Clarke told the court.

Mr O’Brien told Clarke that in recording a conviction, rather than imposing a fine he would be placing him on a Release Order for six months which meant if he re-offending in the next six months he would be back before the court.

According to the police facts tendered to the court, around 4pm on November 17 Clarke left a Cootamundra hotel after being asked to leave by the licencee.

Walking to another location Clarke stuck his fingers up at police officers.

When police approached him some time later and informed him their conversation was being recorded he stuck his middle finger up at the camera.

He also said to police “this is a load of shit mate” and told police “I’ve drunk more schooners than your mother” and “what a load of shit”.