Barmedman man running for Federal parliament on a $200 budget

Benjamin Egge.

Benjamin Egge.

He describes himself as “a simple man with a big history,” and now Benjamin Egge has decided to run as an Independent senator in the Federal election on a budget of just $200..

In a statement announcing his decision to run Egge says he is one of the very few Australian's to have ever been recognised with multiple civilian bravery medals for saving the lives of six people”.

Egge, who lives in Barmedman, has a spinal injury that has left him with a life long disability, where he works at a local business and manages a farm.

Egge says, “I shared the views of many of my neighbours and friends that our current politicians are forgetting rural communities, and that the big parties are not performing very well in parliament”.

He says he has decided to run as an independent because he believes the current policies of the big parties excludes rural community needs in favour of the cities where more votes are gained for the parties.

“We have children drinking dirty water, we have aged pensioners that can't afford their electricity bills, we have dirt roads that resemble goat tracks and not enough jobs”.

He wants to gain a senate seat and force the government to invest in rural NSW infrastructure and make water security a national priority.

“The next two terms of government will be the perfect opportunity for an Independent to achieve their aims in the senate, if I am successful I will be a loud and strong voice for rural NSW,” he said.

Egge said he has been disappointed in the decline in support from relevant governments into rural infrastructure and creating a prosperous rural economy.

He believes that with more federal government support he can reignite rural locations, bring prosperity back to towns, create jobs, and oversee manufacturing and processing companies return to rural locations.

“We have no other candidate running for the senate who has achievable aims for our rural communities,” he said.

He is refusing to take political donations and has a campaign budget of only $200, the lowest campaign budget in Australian political history.

“There is no such thing as a free lunch, donations come at a price and I'm not for sale”.

Instead Egge is asking people to give a donation to a drought relief charity of their choice.

“I want to be a different politician then we have had for a very long time, I want to be the person who actually listens and offers assistance, one who will reply in person to you, a politician that is here for the people and not themselves”.

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