Staff work around the clock

Tuesday night last week saw torrential rain and storms throughout the region causing significant damage.

I thank the Council staff who worked around the clock to clear roads and keep our community safe.

We have applied for disaster relief funding and I hope to receive a positive response to this application.

Also last week, we received some good news from Pru Goward MP that we have received funding from the State Government to cover 50% of the cost of the scoping study for the Boorowa Water Security Project.

This pipeline is the number one infrastructure priority for Hilltops Council, and I look forward to completing the business case so that we can move forward with delivery for the community.

I Thank Pru for her help.

On Friday I was in Sydney meeting with Schools Infrastructure NSW regarding the joint use library facility.

Council has invested in the development of a Masterplan for Blackguard Gully that will focus on providing appropriate amenities to access the site safely and will include parking, toilets, landscaping, signage, interpretative pathways and picnic facilities.

Councillors will be viewing the draft Masterplan next week at a workshop and then we are aiming to have it out on public exhibition by the end of the month.

This is an incredibly exciting project for Hilltops, and I look forward to seeing Blackguard Gully become a destination for all to enjoy.

Tickets are now available for the Hilltops Seniors Festival Lunch being held on Thursday 21 February at Galong Monastery.

Buses are available from Boorowa, Harden and Young.

Tickets are just $25 and include transport, morning tea, lunch & tour.

Tickets can be purchased at Hilltops Council Offices by Monday, February 18.

Mayor Brian Ingram