'Coffee and Chat' to make a difference at Art of Espresso

Manager Bonnie Wells and the team at Art Espresso local tackle mental health.
Manager Bonnie Wells and the team at Art Espresso local tackle mental health.

Art of Espresso Young are running a meet and greet, 'Coffee and a Chat',  between community members, cafe members and members from the Young Community Health team at the cafe from 10am , Wednesday, March 13.

The session is an opportunity for our community to unite, support one another, start an important conversation, learn from experts, or to simply enjoy a coffee and a chat.

Art of Espresso manager Bonnie Wells says that mental health has always been a top priority of the cafe, and their goal has always been to provide the community with a comfortable, happy and judge free atmosphere.

"We have constantly been involved in many local mental health campaigns such as 'RUOK' and 'Beyond Blue'," Ms Wells said.

"It is something our team is passionate about because every person you pass down the street either suffers from mental illness themselves or knows someone who is.

"We really want to get it out there that you're not alone and that mental illness is not something to be ashamed of.

"Our community has been extremely affected by mental illness, so we really want to get it out there that there are judge-free places in our community were you can go for support, to start an important conversation or to just simply go where you can relax.

Coffee and a Chat isn't a session to feel pressured, and Ms Wells encourages everyone to come along.

"You don't have to speak about anything in particular, you will be able to ask the health experts questions, but there is no pressure for guests to open up or to be vulnerable," she said.

Art of Espresso is desperately trying to put the message out to the community that now is the time for us to act, to educate and to make a difference.

The popular Cafe, notorious for their award winning coffee beans, has launched a series of mental health related events locally since having opened in Young back in August 2010.

The cafe currently stocks one kilogram bags of Organic coffee beans, The Alternate Blend, and for every purchase $5 goes directly to the Hilltops Suicide Prevention Network in conjunction with Beyond Blue.

Ms Wells says that it is the little things you do that accumulate and then become significant to changing the current increasing statistics.

"If everyone was to take one step forward, then as a unit we would be able to move a mile," she said.

"That is the key to making a difference within our community, unity."