'No one's saying live like a hermit': court issues drink driving warning

Magistrate Michael O'Brien at Young Local Court on Wednesday warned members of the community to have prior travel arrangements if they plan to drink alcohol.

In hearing a matter relating to a 19-year-old man who was caught drink driving, Mr O'Brien said that people need to make plans so they are not breaking the law.

"No one's saying live like a hermit. Going out and socialising and enjoying life is something that should be encouraged," he said.

"But the mischief is getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle with the potential of never getting home, or someone else not getting home."

The court heard that the teenager was caught driving in Harden after dinner and drinks at a hotel.

He was stopped by police after midnight.

"Driving in a small country town at that time of night, you're bound to come to attention of the police," his representative said.

"With having the privilege to drive, comes with it enormous responsibility," Magistrate O'Brien said.

"If you're going to drink, make other arrangements."

The teenager escaped conviction.