Offender will be eligible for release in July after assault

A man who used his forearm to hit a woman in the back of the neck multiple times has been sentenced to four months in prison without parole.

Shane Anthony Parsons was convicted at Young Local Court of multiple crimes including charges of contravene an apprehended violence order, assault, use of offensive language, driving under the influence of drugs and driving disqualified.

He'll serve two sentences concurrently backdated to when he entered custody on March 6, and a third with a non-parole period of three months commencing on the date of sentencing on April 10, making him eligible for release on July 9.

"You have a lot of work to do if you're going to keep out of prison," Magistrate Michael O'Brien said.

The court heard, on behalf of Parsons, that the drug ice had been a problem for him and was "consistent with his escalating offending".

His solicitor told the court that time in prison has given his "brain a chance to stabilise".

"When he is released, with the right support, hopefully he will maintain his sobriety," his solicitor said.

The offence that landed him in custody occurred on March 6 when Parsons assaulted a woman on McLerie Street.

The offence breached an apprehended violence order and resulted in charges of assault and use of offensive language in public.

In November last year he was caught driving with a disqualified licence on Main Street, Young. And during August, he was arrested for driving with methamphetamine and cannabis in his system.

The court noted that Parsons was also subject to two bonds which were ultimately revoked. In place of both, he was handed community correction orders with supervision and a condition to abstain from drugs.