Grove Estate cellar door awarded by national wine magazine

Grove Estate Wines has received national recognition in a wine magazine for a fifth straight year.

Owners Brian and Suellen Mullany were hugely pleased to receive the Gourmet Traveller's Wine Magazine's award for the star cellar door in the Hilltops and Tumbarumba region.

"We have a lot of wines open for tasting, it's a good experience," Brian Mullany said.

"Most people come in and try the wines, quite a few will buy a bottle or a few glasses and sit outside and enjoy them. Some have a hamper or snacks, which they're most welcome to, and enjoy the scenery."

The winery was established in 1989 as one of the first in the Hilltops region, it now covers about 100 hectares across two vineyards.

The cellar door was opened in 1999.

Mr Mullany says they plan to make the cellar door experience "better and better" into the future.

"It gives us a bit of recognition for what we're doing. We're open seven days a week, we don't see a lot of people during the week but it's still worth it," Mr Mullany said.

"It's definitely picking up each year. It's a really good part of the business. You get to meet the public and the people who drink your wine."

He added that cellar doors are a tourism attraction.

"It's another thing you can do in Young. We need more of these tourism attractions or places. If people are coming here to look at the town then they have somewhere to go," Mr Mullany said.

"People like getting out to the country. A lot of city people don't get a chance to walk on a farm or experience walking through a vineyard."

The 2016 Cellar Block Shiraz Viognier was identified by the magazine as Grove Estate's outstanding wine.

Other wineries in Young to be awarded included Freeman Vineyards for the best tasting experience and Chalkers Crossing for the best large cellar door.