Young Hockey | Right from the beginning, it was clear this was to be a game fought tooth and nail by both sides

Some great stuff was going down during our Winter Comp matches this past Saturday! For more information visit
Some great stuff was going down during our Winter Comp matches this past Saturday! For more information visit

The first round of our Winter Competition went off without a hitch this past Saturday afternoon and first up were DTS and the Redbacks. As 2pm passed, both teams were eagerly assembling out on the field, ready to do battle.

Right from the beginning, it was clear this was to be a game fought tooth and nail by both sides, and Stuart McKenzie was keen to prove this to the Redbacks as he took off with the ball, getting around Redback Mark Booker as if he wasn't even there.

Soon, he had his first chance at goal from a short corner, and once again Stuart beat back Mark, this time resulting in the first goal for the match and an early lead for DTS. Natasha Cosgrove was the first to fight back for the Redbacks with actions that her reputation reports.

After a quick little game of Ping-Pong within the circle, she took the first goal for the Redbacks to much celebration from her fellow arachnids. When goals were not being scored, the game provided many other noteworthy moments. Hannah Laybutt was on top of her passing game, proving an integral part of the DTS machine.

The Redback girls were doing well to receive some of the balls being sent their way by the men on their team (who seemed to think the field was three times longer than it really was), and Fiona Douglas presented an amazing save for DTS denying the Redbacks a goal in great fashion.

Impressively, Bobby Macatol held her own against both Mark Booker and Luke Cosgrove at the same time, earning cheers from onlookers up and down the sideline. By the second half of the game, some of the players seemed to be flagging, but not Claire Allan.

She appeared super determined to give her team her all, even after taking a nasty hit and shaking it off as if it were nothing. This was followed by many close calls on goal for the Redbacks, followed by an actual goal scored by Mark Booker off of a short corner. It was an intense final few minutes, but with neither team managing to add further to their final tally, the

Redbacks walked away with their first victory for the season 2-1.

The following game, at 3:15, proved just as interesting, if not as close in score as the Badgers took on their friendly neighbourhood Penguins. Monique Woodward, however, was not a friendly neighbourhood badger, as she took off at the whistle and had scored the first goal of the match within the first ten seconds.

Nervous laughter and cheering ensured as the rest of her team realised just what they would now have to live up to. Brady Kenny was up next, keen to prove he measured up with his own goal won from a bit of a mess in the circle.

The Penguins were not happy to be walked all over, it would seem, as they sent Javarn Hurcum to fight back and he did so with a runaway up the field to score for his persistent team.

Just because he could, Bryce Weedon was the next to add to the tally for the Badgers after a sneaky goal where he faked a shot, tricking the penguin goalie and managing to sneak his actual goal in. Another sneaky shot from the Badgers came from Amy Harding as she managed to score her goal through the Penguin goalie's legs.

Brodie McKnight claimed the next Badger goal, displaying some great teamwork and passing back and forth with Monique Woodward, but then the Penguins struck again, this time unleashing the hockey beast that is Chloe Gruber who took her own goal with a single effective hit.

Monique Woodward was not yet done, however, and took another goal for herself after a great effort within the circle. To finish things off, Brady Kenny showed off some of his skills in getting past multiple defenders to score the final goal for the game and secure the win for his Badgers 7-2.

Super 7s

On Sunday afternoon the Super7s competition hit off with much enthusiasm and excitement from the array of teams keen for some hockey, and after a brief outlining of the various retro rules being played this season, things were in motion with the Cunning Stunts versus Sirius.

Bobby Macatol won the first bully and the Cunning Stunts leaped into action. Ryan Laybutt had a close call for a goal for Sirius, but it was not to be despite his persistent effort, nevertheless, that effort was rewarded not long later when he was able to convert a short corner into the first goal for the match. John Laybutt claimed the next goal for Sirius, and then Ryan was back for his second, unable to be held back.

There was some fine competition out on the field between Declan Laybutt and Liam McLachlan, and then Declan took his first goal for Sirius with an impressive little flick. Finally, Sarah Harding stepped up for the Cunning Stunts, claiming the only right on her team for bragging about scoring as she was the only one who managed to do so for the game.

A short corner saw Declan Laybutt claim another goal, and then Chloe took one through Kelly Day's legs, and another after a long run up the field. The finally score stood at 7-1 for Sirius.

When Dauntless took the field to take down the Wolves, it seemed the game had begun before the whistle with some good old fashioned friendly sledging between the teams. Hayley Gruber proved worth her weight in gold (or goals) taking two for Dauntless, and always being where her teammates needed her.

Matt and David Hall took one each, and were possibly the most enthusiastic players on the field that day. Brodie McKnight did his very best to encourage his Wolves and was an effective pack leader, leading the way with a goal to his name, but in the end it was Dauntless who took the victory 4-1 and they fearlessly face next week with expectation.

The Avengers versus All Sorts game proved just as exciting as all the others with Stan Byrnes utilising some effective teamwork to snatch the first goal for the Avengers. Bayden Day displayed some of his own skill in fooling the All Sorts defence to take his own goal.

All Sorts threw their answer at this in the form of Ethan Birks who ran the field from a long pass, getting around an Avenger to take a sound goal for his team. The Avengers saw fit to avenge this, and Chris Kenny was able to do so, taking a dive right on the whistle to score his own goal and take the win for his team 3-1.

Matches for tomorrows games are as follows

Ground 2 Saturday, May 18

  • 2pm Penguins versus DTS
  • 3.15pm Red Backs versus Vikings

Second round matches for Super 7s competition on Sunday, May 19

  • 3pm Dauntless versus All Sorts ground 5
  • 4pm Cunning Stunts versus Avengers ground 5
  • 4pm Sirius versus Wolves ground 6