Behind bars until March 2020 for assaulting police officer

A woman from Young who held a knife to a police officer's neck will spend until March next year behind bars.

Amy Stephenson, 23, was sentenced at Young Local Court last week to nine months in prison without parole.

She was facing charges of armed with intent to commit an indictable offence, intimidate police, assault officer and possess an illicit drug.

The incident occurred after police attended a Blackett Avenue residence for a concern welfare check about 12.30pm on June 6.

Stephenson was holding a knife when she opened the door and appeared paranoid, police say, so paramedics were called to assess Stephenson's mental health.

When paramedics arrived, Stephenson grabbed a police officer and placed a knife to the officer's throat.

According to facts, an ambulance officer had to pull Stephenson's arm and knife away from the police officer.

Police were then able to restrain her with the help of two ambulance officers, and the knife was secured.

She was arrested, sedated and taken to hospital for a medical assessment.

Later, she was released into police custody and charged.

"It's a disturbing set of facts, she's prepared letters of apologies to the police and court," Stephenson's representative said at court.

Magistrate Michael O'Brien described the behaviour as "inexplicable" and "not expected".

He said attacks on emergency services personnel feature often in public through media.

"The frustrations of emergency services who have been confronted by persons affected by drugs behaving in a most violent manner, while trying to administer assistance. This officer would have had real apprehension [they] may not go home from duty that day."

Stephenson at one stage also had a bag containing 5.7g of cannabis in her possession.

For the four charges she was sentenced to an aggregate term of imprisonment of two years and six months.

The non-parole period of nine months means she'll be eligible for release on March 5 next year.

"She knows if she returns to this behaviour where she'll end up," the magistrate said.