Young residents share their inspiring fitness journeys

Anytime Fitness is celebrating five years in Young this week and are sharing some inspiring stories of members and their journey with Anytime Fitness.

Martin Vincent walked into Anytime Fitness, Young back on April 14, 2018 motivated to improve his overall health, fitness and lifestyle.

Martin sat at 160kg and he was determined to lose, he had never stepped into a gym before and recalls his weight as "daunting, to say the least".

Martin started his first personal training session on April 18, 2018, working on his fitness and goals he decided to take on the Anytime Fitness eight-week challenge on August 9, 2018.

Weighing in at 160kg with all the hard work, sweat and tears along the way Martin put in 100 per cent during the challenge which in return he lost seven kilograms and 28cm around waist.

Still working hard today and achieving new goals Martin has lost an astonishing 35kg over the past year at Anytime Fitness Young.

Owner Elizabeth Viola says Martin has come leaps and bounds over the past year and the club is motivated to see how much more he can lose.

"Young has a proliferation of individuals suffering from mental health. This is an area I am particularly passionate about and so many of our members start their fitness journeys in an attempt to overcoming their inner battles. Martin was one," she said.

Martin has been so motivated by his time at Anytime Fitness, he has tattooed its logo on his right arm to express his passion for health and fitness.

With the gym accommodating his wheelchair, another story that's inspired is 24-year-old Daryl Bundell who last week made his 90th visit in one year.

"I come into the club with a coach who assists with my training. My strength and mobility has increased massively and a huge part of that is because of Anytime Fitness Young," Daryl said.

A lot of people tend to have pre-conceived ideas of gyms and feel uncomfortable to join given the perception normally falls around those who are fit and healthy only belong in a club, says owner Elizabeth Viola.

"We are trying to change this perception and encourage locals of Young and surrounding suburbs to kick this mindset out of the park and let our club assist with your fitness journey just like Martin and Daryl."

Anytime Fitness Young's eight-week challenge begins on September 2. Elizabeth hopes to see more people start their journey.