Everyone has a role to play in reducing waste: councillor

Hilltops councillor Marg Roles.

Hilltops councillor Marg Roles.

Sunday, saw me planning a weekly meal shopping list with the idea of cutting down on the food waste that our household generates.

I know that buying in bulk isn't cheaper if half of it ends up in the bin but it is very tempting to buy the larger 'economy' item.

And I know that I really don't need to buy all that extra fruit - but it is on special and some of the four little angels might call in unexpectedly.

However, when I read that Australians discard up to 20 per cent of the food we purchase and that four million tonnes, or roughly 140kg per person of food going to landfill each year, I know that I am part of the problem and need to become part of the solution.

Little steps by all of us can help reduce the 2,730,000kgs of food waste that end up in Hilltops landfill each year.

My first steps are:

  • Write a shopping list based on a weekly meal plan
  • Not to buy extra 'just in case'
  • Reuse leftovers instead of leaving them to moulder in the fridge
  • I know thissounds a bit like a new year resolution but for the sustainable future of the four little angels
  • I'm going to give it a try

Last Saturday was the commemoration of the 101 year anniversary of the formation of the Returned Soldiers League (RSL) in Young.

The organisers, ably led by RSL president John Walker, highlighted the role of the RSL in looking after the welfare of current and ex-service personnel and their dependents.

Especially to be congratulated are the young men and women of the Young Cadet Corps who displayed fortitude and discipline in the face of extreme weather conditions at the wreath laying ceremony.

The Young Town Band entertained, with style, all present at the dinner and I looking forward to reading the history of the Young sub-branch of the RSL by our own Tricia Mack.

Once again, I am reminded of the wonderful human capital that we have in our Hilltops region.

Cr Marg Roles