Police and rangers investigate 'savage' dog attack on horse

Police and Hilltops council rangers are investigating a "savage" dog attack on a horse at Quandialla, police say.

A Quandialla resident was alerted to a disturbance in a horse paddock on Saturday evening, August 10.

The owner says his horse was cornered by what he described was an Australian bulldog.

Police say the horse had significant injuries on their chest and legs.

While, there was a large amount of blood around the mouth and head of the dog.

Two other large dogs were in the area but it is unclear if they were involved in the attack.

Owners of the dogs were alerted and the dogs were removed from the scene.

The victim's horse had to be sutured around the chest without sedation or pain relief due to being in foal.

There were injuries to the horse's legs which could not be sutured on account of skin being completely torn away.

This was a particularly savage attack which police are continuing to investigate in concert with Hilltops Shire Council Rangers, police say.