Young Cherrypickers reserve grade 2019 | Photos, profiles

NICK BUSH - (Co - Coach) Team Captain, and it has been said he is the crankiest person in the club

  1. JAKE VENEY - Mr Reliable, has been mistaken as the oldest in the team
  2. JOSH REYNOLDS - Competes at a every level on game day, used to competing for a feed at home
  3. JACOB HARDY - Great in attack and defence and doesn't mind getting his gear off
  4. TRENT VENEY - The Marlboro Man, very tough in defence and with the ball.
  5. DAMIAN SLATER - Our leading try scorer and our conditioning leader
  6. MATT MURRAY - The King of the dummy and some would say, still has far too many teeth left. Lucky that head gear covers his rough head
  7. NICK BUSH - (see above)
  8. HARRY NOWLAN - One of our solid Front Rowers. When he speaks, people listen
  9. SAM NORTON - Tops the tackle count each week and loves to tell everyone
  10. STEWART JAMES - New to the Pickers this year. Great asset up front. Subject to extra attention from some training staff
  11. WILL MANWARING - Melon Head, plays the full sixty minutes flat out and thinks he is the fastest Manwaring!
  12. CASEY WALL - Been our go-to player all season in the forwards. Uses more tape then Nigel Plum!
  13. ANGUS SMITH - Lucky his footy is better than his dance moves! Valuable Lock when the going gets tough
  14. RILEY MANWARING - Dash, skinniest legs in Group Nine. Given early ball he is uncatchable
  15. JASON BROWN - Mr Fixit, can slot him into any spot except the Wing
  16. BAILEY COOMBES - The only one yet to score a try but a great asset to the back line. We wish him luck on his lonely run on Sunday night!
  17. JIRRAH RAUSAVANUA - Jerry, Speedy and tough. Likes hanging out with "The Marlboro Man" and always has the community in mind.
  18. WILL DUNN - The Terrier of Reggie's. Small in stature, but big on effort and watch out for his bite
  19. LANE EDWARDS- Mr Intensity, lifts the team with intensity and talk
  20. JUSTIN KELLY - Saw the light and changed codes. One of the more mature players in the team
  21. JACK BUSH - The Better Bush - This one got all the patience and cool head. Some would say he got all the looks too. A force to be reckoned with

GREG SMITH (CO - COACH) - King of Fitness with a heart of gold!

ROBERT BUSH (MANAGER ) - The perfect "get it done" guy !

COOPER SMITH (COACH ASSISTANT) - Wing man, keen and eager. Champion tee runner

Young played Gundagai at Wagga's Equex Centre on Sunday.