Caitlin Bowman wins 2019 Young Showgirl

Young Showgirl Caitlin Bowman pictured at the Young Showground on Sunday afternoon.
Young Showgirl Caitlin Bowman pictured at the Young Showground on Sunday afternoon.

Young's 2019 Showgirl is Caitlin Bowman.

Caitlin moved to Young about 12 months ago after graduating from New England University at Armidale with a double degree in agriculture and business.

She picked up a job as a grain marketer for Delta Agribusiness and is settling into life in the Cherry Capital.

"It's quite a vibrant community and you can see that within the show. It's such a big show for a one-day event. Unfortunately some smaller ones are struggling, but this one is going great guns," she said on Sunday afternoon.

Having grown up in Sydney, Caitlin will be hoping to return to the big smoke next year as a Zone 6 finalist to compete for the title of Sydney Royal Showgirl.

She'll compete against a number of Showgirl winners from within Zone 6 with three progressing to the Sydney Royal Show.

Caitlin said she entered the running on recommendations from friends who have participated.

"The reason I entered the Showgirl competition was because my friends have done it and they've told me to do it and told me it's a great experience. So I put my hand up. Nervously, I messaged the Show Society pretty late saying I want to participate," Caitlin said.

She gave credit to fellow Young Showgirl entrants Monique Dorman, Caitlyn Briggs and Annabelle Makeham.

"It was a tough competition with the other girls, they are beautiful young girls. I was happy to work alongside them it's been absolutely great," she said.

A Peoples' Choice Award was given this year, voted by the public who attended a cocktail evening on September 7, with the winner Monique Dorman.

President of the Show Society Sam Reynolds said this year's crowd was good, despite gate takings coming in lower than last year.

"It was a ripper year considering the town had three sides in football grand finals, and also it's been a tough season I guess," she said.

"It's hard to tell but there was quite a few people there. A lot of people told me that they'd never seen so many people at the show. So the Show Society is very happy with the roll-up. It was perfect weather."