Bags packed ready for school

A local woman and her daughter are ensuring local children in need will be ready for school in 2020 by providing all they will need for their first day of school.

Alexandra Podgorski and her daughter Ava are continuing the fantastic work they did for the community earlier this year by making school packs for struggling families in and around Young.

"Last year my daughter had some new left over stationery, miscellaneous items that she didn't use during her first year of school," Alexandra said. "I had asked Ava what she would like to do with them, and she told me about how some of the children at her school didn't have much, and could we give the items to them."

Alexandra thought it was a great idea and posted an ad on a Facebook group that her daughter would like to give the items away to a family who was struggling to afford the necessities for their children to go to school.

"The post blew up with so much support from our community, commending my daughter for having such a kind heart, and that they would like to donate items, or money towards what my daughter and I are doing so we can make more packs for more families," Alexandra said. "Last year we distributed bags to a large number of organisations and childcare centres in the Hilltops area.

"It was very successful, with approximately 57 bags distributed to families."

This year Alexandra is hoping to double the amount of bags to be distributed and broaden the area they will be distributed with packs customised to suit the age and gender of the children they will be given to.

Locals are encouraged and welcomed to get in on the action and help Alexandra and Ava out by donating items that can be used in the packs.

"This year I am also adding personal and dental hygiene items to our packs," Alexandra said.

Items that can be donated include: stationary items (pens and pencils etc), scrapbooks, exercise books and folders, back packs, lunch boxes, drink bottles, school uniforms, shoes, socks, hats, calculators, hand sanitiser, toothbrushes/toothpaste and sanitary pads or money.

Contact Alexandra on 0466788158 to help out.

Ava and her mum, Alexandra Podgorski, are gearing up to help local children who need it the most.

Ava and her mum, Alexandra Podgorski, are gearing up to help local children who need it the most.