Letters: Town's water system in the spotlight

A result of a main break on Berthong Street on Monday of the October long weekend. Photo: Jo Naughton
A result of a main break on Berthong Street on Monday of the October long weekend. Photo: Jo Naughton

So our council once again are flushing water mains.

In this one of the worst droughts ever recorded they (the Hilltops Council) are going to flush water down the gutters in town (Young), all the while farmers are struggling and towns in NSW that don't have any water and are tucking water in.

Why can't the water be used for livestock, irrigation or reused in our parks and gardens, rather than just flushed down the gutter, surely there must be a way of containing this water and put it to better use.

Such a waste council.

Robert Taylor


I find it disgusting we have had three breaks in six months and every resident in town has been complaining of brown water for at least the last 12 months.

They expect us to drink, bathe and wash our clothes in filthy brown water like come on.... I'd move if it means I get clean water the town's already becoming a ghost town.

Samantha Braham


I have been a resident of Young for 15 years now and have never seen our water as filthy as it has been in the past say seven years.

We pay top dollar for our water, water of which more often than not can't be used for washing, bathing, dishes, watering animals ect. And is definitely not fit for human consumption.

Our family among others in town now pay for 'town water' and also need to pay for bottled water so we can consume it.

Extra cost for families that many including ourselves cannot afford.

Not to mention the cost of new linen and clothing that often gets destroyed during washing due to the colour and putrid quality of our towns water.

I feel that clean water is honestly more essential than a new bloody library, or the many other 'important improvements' that could be put on hold just like our water issues have been for to many years now.

Leah Guy


In short our water is pretty good during the day in Prospect Street, but I've noticed it very cloudy and discoloured when you pour a glass of water, especially at night.

Even though the funding Steph [Cooke MP] was talking about can't be used for putting new pipes in, can't we access the funding and do the sewage and filtration up, and use money normally spent on that on the pipes instead?

Patricia Roberts


I am sick of putting citric acid into my kettle to clean it, not being able to relax in a bath because I can see the colour of the water, having a smelly washing machine and always having to buy slabs of water to drink.

It is pathetic and no one wants to take responsibility, just shove excuses in our faces or just ignore everyone's genuine concerns, we have a right to be worried.

Act on the bloody issues at hand, we worry for our loved ones and we don't want to do them any harm with filthy water that we are not sure if it is safe.

Start showing compassion to members of the community, fix the issue and move on.

Karen Kearsley


I am writing in regards to the town water in Young.

There have been times that the water is brown at the premises I live in, but I'm more concerned about the cloudy water we get daily.

To me this shows that there is so much chemical within the water to make it appear clean that I definitely don't use it for drinking or cooking.

Buying water for drinking and cooking in is getting quite expensive, and we are already paying for water that is unusable.

I hate having to bathe my kids in it, and it gives them both dry irritable skin and our clothes being washed in them means we are having the chemical leech into our skin as we sweat.

Something definitely needs to be done about this issue, just wish that it's sooner rather then later.

Vesna Nwesser


Water main cleaning by air scouring

Council will commence cleaning of the water mains by air scouring to minimise discolouration of water supply during the summer months.

The air scouring process may cause some temporary discoloration, loss of pressure or supply interruption, council said in a recent statement.


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