Seven juveniles charged with 29 offences in Young

Seven juveniles have been charged with 29 offences following a string of incidents throughout October.

About 5.20pm on Thursday 3 October 2019 police were called to a home in Young regarding a grass fire in the backyard.

Upon police arrival, it was found that the rear yard was completely burnt, and an inspection of the home found it in a state of disarray. Furniture was disturbed and thrown around and the contents of almost every draw were thrown around.

A crime scene was established, and Detectives attached to Young Police Station commenced an investigation.

Investigations revealed that the owners had left the house clean and tidy, effectively in an immaculate state having restored the home.

Police believe between the 20 September and 3 October 2019 a group of young persons broke into the house, stayed there, held a party and consumed approximately $5,000 worth of alcohol. Police allege members of the group consumed drugs (cannabis) inside the house and left behind drug paraphernalia.

Inquiries revealed every room in the home was damaged with spray paint and multiple household appliances were destroyed, including wardrobes, beds, a toilet, an antique items, tables, chairs and kitchen splashbacks.

The kitchen bench was handcrafted wood from the owner's family farm, dating back several generations, and was significantly damaged.

Investigations also revealed that one of the young persons had committed a malicious damage offence using spray paint at the Young Big W.

On Saturday 5 October 2019 police allege of the female young persons attended her home and took cash and the car keys. Various members of the group allegedly took turns in driving the car and it was later driven to the ACT where it was found with crash damage.

Inquiries revealed that seven juveniles - four males aged from 14 to 16 years of age and three females from 13 to 14 years of age - were involved in these offences.

Young Detectives have charged all seven juveniles with the following offences:.

  • 7 counts of aggravated break and enter with intent,
  • 7 charges of malicious damage in company greater than $5000 (Table 1),
  • 2 charges of set fire to property of another,
  • 4 charges of take and drive conveyance,
  • 4 counts of drive unlicensed (never licensed),
  • 1 count of larceny,
  • 3 counts of be carried in conveyance and
  • 1 count of malicious damage.

All seven juveniles were granted strict conditional bail and will face court over the coming weeks.

Two of the offenders have also been charged with breaching their bail.

The total damage is estimated to be approximately $150,000.

At this stage, there are no outstanding offenders or offences. This may change pending forensic results and/or the results of mobile phone examination.