Sorting success at NSW state yard finals | Photos

A group of local riders and their horses travelled from Young to the NSW Team Yarding finals in Rosewood last weekend bringing home with them plenty of prizes after competing in three rounds over the two days.

Brodie Batinich was awarded the Junior Series winner, Faith James won the highest point score winner from the weekend after receiving the most amount of points given out for the most penned cattle and Madi James was named the most improved rider for the series.

Mikayla and Darcy Spring also rode with Faith, Brodie and Madi and received a first and and a second place over the two days.

The series runs from October to October each year. Points are accumulated throughout the year.

"I love everything about team yarding," Darcy said.

Anyone who has ever witnessed Darcy competing in the arena knows he is a very entertaining competitor.

"I love riding with family and friends and seeing my horse get better each time," Mikayla said.

"I love team yarding, it is a great way to make new friends and is a great riding experience," Madi said.

"I want to thank Mum and Dad for taking me everywhere throughout the year."

"I would just like to say a huge thank you to the committee for all the events throughout 2019, it's been an amazing experience to ride with them," Faith said.

"Being a junior still and one of the oldest, it felt refreshing watching some of the junior riders stepping up and really pushing themselves during the finals weekend.

"Especially the two Spring kids, Mikayla and Darcy for riding a few more times during the heated run off between their two team mates, we couldn't have done it without the two of you.

"A massive thank you to our parents of course for putting up with us and getting us to the events and also riding along with us, pushing us to be better and big thank you to Natalie Spring for telling us the hard truth."

Faith is also very grateful to the other riders who competed.

"Another thank you goes to the open riders," Faith said. "I think it's one of the best feelings as a younger rider to walk out of the arena and to have open riders walk by and say our name and congratulate us, even if we didn't win but encourage us further."

Brodie Batinich says...."Thankyou to NSW team yarders association for an amazing 2019 competition," Brodie said.

"There is such an amazing atmosphere and I encourage any new riders to join the sport.

"A special thanks to Mikayla and Darcy spring for jumping at the chance to help both faith and I in a run off."