Splash pool won't be ready until 2020/21 season

The opening of the new pool building is expected later this month.
The opening of the new pool building is expected later this month.

The new Young Aquatic Centre building won't be complete until at least December 20, while works on the new splash pool won't begin until the end of April next year, according to a report prepared for Hilltops councillors.

A further $300,000 has been added to the budget, since councillors agreed at an extra-ordinary meeting of council in September to complete stage two works.

The report reveals there was additional asbestos contaminated material found during September which required removal, following the removal of more than 900 tonnes.

Director of infrastructure John Osland told councillors "this should be the final cost".

"Council at its extra-ordinary meeting in September voted to complete the entire stage two of the pool which included the splash pool. We estimated that cost to be about $1.5m and that has come on at that price," he said.

"At that same time we eluded to the fact there was an additional find of asbestos while doing the sewer connection from the building down to the back.

"That had held up the works and we had not removed that. The $300,000 is to pay for that additional asbestos find we found... and also leave us with $100,000 of contingencies," he said.

Councillor Matt Stadtmiller said council needs to be careful with budget increases.

"There's already an enormous amount of money been wasted on asbestos removal and will continue to be spent on this project. We need to be very careful where this will end up, it can end up costing double," he said.

The total project budget is now $4,754,167.67, including expected costs for the splash pool which won't be ready until 2020/2021 season.

The report states the new building works are scheduled to be completed on December 20, 2019 however some works will remain outstanding.

The new splash pool works will commence in April next year.

The pool has been operating so far this season with temporary toilets and showers.