Letters: who's running what?

Letters: who's running what?

I read with regret your front page article headed "Who's The Boss?" (Young Witness, Friday, November 29).

Local councillors are elected by the people, for the people. To fulfil the needs of our community, they choose and they are expected to work for their own community and the council area as a whole.

We continually hear through the media of ongoing controversy and petty bickering by many councillors who don't get their way.

Councillors walking out of meetings, votes of no confidence in the mayor elected just two meetings prior fails to convince me they are there and delivering for the benefit of the majority.

True, we as constituents don't hear everything that goes on behind closed doors at meetings, however after the antics at recent meetings we question whether anything is being done for the benefit of Hilltops Council.

At the last election I believed the territorial split of elected councillors was pretty good, covering all areas within the Hilltops Council. However, I have been proved wrong as political point scoring seems the order of the day.

Councillors are democratically elected - so try working together and achieve results by making and standing by decisions made democratically at meetings.

We are all human beings with different ideas but we also must be brave enough to stand by the majority decisions being made and not appear in public to be little children bickering.

Geoff Freudenstein


Are we the ratepayers to be kept in the dark in regard to the reasons for this motion to be moved. Surely, if circumstances are serious enough for a no confidence motion to be moved, the ratepayers are entitled to know the details.

Though I guess, after the absolute debacle in regard to the new joint-use Young public library, the council feels that to keep us in the dark is the best policy.

The old adage, he who pays the piper calls the tune, should be heeded by council members and ensure that we the ratepayers are made fully aware of any decisions taken, supposedly on our behalf.

Stuart Hart


A conga line of executive staff leaving or left in the last four years, unfinished, over budget, contentious projects everywhere, late audit reports and a council obviously divided.

Get rid of Hilltops, go back to the way we were prior to forced amalgamation. It wasn't perfect but it was a long way ahead of this debacle.

Scott Collins