Cherry pip launched 11.6m in annual pip spit competition | Photos

Close to 60 entrants took part in the annual National Cherry Festival Cherry Pip Spit Competition on Sunday morning.

Simon Taboury clinched the men's title spitting his pip a whopping 11.6m, while the ladies' winner Cherie McAllister sent her cherry pip 7.5m.

The children's winner was Ronan Winfield who recorded a pip spitting distance of 5.4m.

Twenty-five children entered the competition, 15 women lined up and 19 men put their pip spitting skills to the test. A huge crowd gathered at Anderson Park as each entrant was given two pips to spit.

A number of different spitting styles were observed with some people getting run-ups, some choosing to stand still, and a few even tried turning their bodies like a discuss throw in an effort to get maximum distance.

Ronan edged out his rivals by just under one metre with Daniel Britt (4.85m) second.

Cherie was the only woman to crack seven metres in the ladies' while Simon proved far superior in the men's with the closest entrant spitting 9.12m.